How to get free ether tokens for development purpose?

I want to build a web3 application. For this, I have written the smart contract in my local. And now I wish to deploy it. But I don’t have sufficient funds in my wallet to initiate this deployment.
Yet, I tried some methods to get free ether tokens but nothing worked.
I tried to use Rinkeby Authentication Faucet, but after the whole execution of methods, it notified me as successful but nothing was credited to my MetaMask wallet.
Then I tried to use the Goerli faucet, it credited only 0.1 ETH to my wallet. But as it is not sufficient to deploy the smart contract, still I am stuck in between the development.
Please suggest me, how can I get free ETH to continue my WEB3 application development.

@palash.vdoitech please since when did it happen

Hello @palash.vdoitech

I am not a developer, so I cannot provide proper advice on how to continue the development of your app, but I just wanted to share an info:

Before the Merge, Ethereum used to have four testnets: Ropsten, Rinkeby, Goerli, and Kovan. However, after the Merge occurred on September 15th 2022, most of the existing testnets began being deprecated (taken out of service). At this moment Sepolia and Goerli are the only two testnets available, that you can also use in MetaMask. You can try to add test ETH from their faucets and hopefully you will be able to continue your work.
Will leave an article here as well:


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