How to send my BSC

Hello everyone im new on Metamask and BSC world, so i need help for this problem, so this is my case

  1. I want to buy Safemoon on pancakeswap
  2. I decided to buy ZIL from binance, and transfer the ZIL from the regular ZIL to BSC ZIL to metamask.
  3. After i got my ZIL on metamask i want to swap it to safemoon on pancakeswap

but after i want swap it, i can’t press the accept button
4. after that i decided to moved back my ZIL bsc to mybinance or even swap it on metamask but there’s an error i can’t do

  1. Please tell me and help me guys, i don’t know what i must do, am i lost my money with this BSC? please help :'D im new on BSC world

Hi Suntosobry :raised_hand:
The BSC fees are usually very low, but if you try to send tokens without BNB in your account, the network will notify you that you have insufficient funds :point_down: you must buy some BNB :smiley: and send to Metamask using BEP20 transaction

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Thanks a lot!! mr. luigi