On Binance Smart Chain, owning bnb but insufficient funds

Hi everyone,
I sent bnb from binance to metamask on Binance Smart Chain network. I can swap it to e.g. WBNB and back to BNB (costs 0.08… €) but every other action like sending to another wallet or binance on the same network does work.
The app always tells me “insufficient funds” without guessing costs.
I thought on bsc you pay with BNB? what the heck am I am doing wrong? My money is trapped :’-(


I have this same issue too and i have just over 80AUD worth of BNB in my BNB Mainet and every time i go to click next… messages insufficient funds pops up and I’ve tired all different amounts with no luck

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I found a post that said migrate the metamask wallet to trust wallet it work perfectly i sent all my token with no issues


I have the same issue to and I also tried trust wallet but it didn’t worked

I need my money what should I do?

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You can use your private key to import your address into the mobile version of metamask, and then add BSC chain to the mobile version, so that you can send your assets through the mobile terminal. At the same time, you can solve the problem of PC terminal by switching the ETH chain and BSC chain back and forth for many times.