Insufficient funds but enough ETH in Wallet

Hi Guys,

I have a problem. I have 0,012Eth in my Wallet. Now i want to send everything minus the fees to an other wallet but i get an Error saying that i have Insufficient funds. Can somebody tell me why because when I’m checking the Fees at ethgasstation i should have more then enough Funds.

What i forgot to mention is that i send the ETH form binance.

Thanks in Advance

Hi @lieim you use Binance Smart Chain or Ethereum Mainnet?

im using the Binance Smart Chain.

And you have some BNB? Binance Coin is BSC gas fee…

No i bought ETH at Binance and sent it to my wallet. Now i want to send those Coins back to binance because i need them in the ETH Mainnet.

You need small amount BNB in you balance

Do i need to Swap a few ETH into BNB?

BUY some BNB on Binance.
Minimum Withdrawal with used BEP20 is 0.02 BNB (now cca 7$)


Thank you for your help

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