The lost currency

I bought Ethereum from Binance and by mistake, I selected the Binance network. (BEP 20 - Binance Smart Chain). I was able to find the ETH after going through the process shown on the Binance help site (MetaMask Guides - Binance Chain Docs) but now I can not use the ETH. How can I transfer the ETH from the Binance network to the Ethereum mainnet?

Hi yaniv see your ETH? (Binance Peg Ethereum tokens)
Binance Smart Chain use BNB to pay for gas.
Must send some BNB (0.02 - 0.03 BNB) to your MetaMask
ETH address :slightly_smiling_face: use BEP20 for this transaction.
After open your Binance account - Ethereum - Deposit and copy ETH address

Don’t send all ETH to Binance :bangbang: for test send small amount (cca 10$)
and when everything is ok :slightly_smiling_face: send all ETH (Binance Peg Ethereum tokens)

For Ethereum mainnet must use Ethereum (ETH) ERC20 :point_down: transfer network

Is it possible to have a zoom call meeting with you? And maybe we can solve the problem with your help

Hi yaniv I do not use zoom :smiley: I use AnyDesk when I help my friends.
But this is easy :slightly_smiling_face: when you added Binance Smart Chain

only must add :point_down: Binance-Peg Ethereum Token contract address:

Add Tokens - Custom Token - Add Token Contract Address…

and now see your Binance-Peg Ethereum Token :smiley:

Have the same issue, now l want to backsend the ETH in the BSC network back to Binance, but cant do it because metamask always complains about not enough gwai available, even if l reduce the ETH amount and rises the gwai way to much.
Any suggestions?

Hello Harald You need BNB on Binance smart chain transaction
Binance smart chain gas is paid in BNB