Retrieve ETH-peg from BSC Network

So I sent my ETH from Binance to Metamask using BEP20. I already added the Token and I see my funds in Metamask.

What I need is to retrieve those ETH, maybe send them to ETH mainnet or swap them to BNB or send again to Binance.

What can I do?
It’s just 0.002 ETH.

absoluty nothing

Because :smile: Binance Smart Chain need some BNB to pay for gas
Must buy 0.051 BNB and send this BNB on your ETH Metamask address (use BEP-20)

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Thanks Luigi!
So I repeat the same thing but only sending BNB to my ETH Metamask (Using BEP-20) and then I can swap everything to BNB or ETH?

YES :smile: must send BNB to your ETH Metamask…

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