Sent ethereum to a bnb address is there anything I can do to recover?

Sent eth from binance to my MetaMask bnb address
I’ve tried everything, pretty sure last time I reached out to meta I was greeted by an impersonator so I got scared and backed off
But it’s almost $1300 I lost so any help would be greatly appreciated

Hi Aaron you used BEP20 for this transaction?

yes , attached is a screen shot of the address i sent the eth to

OK and you adedd BSC? :point_down:

next step Click :point_right: Add Token - select Custom Token and add contract address:

the problem is i sent ETH to bnb address, can i still add the address and follow those steps?

send me this bnb address :slight_smile:

I Tried adding that address as a custom token and it says its 11 decimals too long

FIRST must add Binance Smart Chain and switch on BSC mainnet

have a 3rd acct added binance smart chain to the network

ok switch on BSC and add contract address 0x2170ed0880ac9a755fd29b2688956bd959f933f8 :slightly_smiling_face:

ok i did that, do i need to log out and log back in ? is there anything further i need to do ?

ok and now show you ETH (Binance Peg Ethereum tokens)?.. YES :smiley: don’t send this ETH token on page without support BSC :exclamation:

nothing is showing, does it take a long time? or is there anything else i need to do?

ahhh there it is !!! thank you so much!!! in order to send it out is there anything specific i need to do? i can send to an eth address now?

so im under smart chain in my wallet but it is eth, can i send to an eth address? or do i need o do something specific before sending? sorry for naive questions and thank you so so much

be careful :smiley: this not Ethereum on Ethereum Mainnet but
Binance Peg Ethereum tokens on BSC Mainnet…
Binance Smart Chain use gas BNB

OK , SO i need to have bnb in my wallet in order to send the eth

YES send some BNB (used BEP20 for BNB transaction) to ETH address with Binance Peg Ethereum tokens

one last question , i tested it out by sending a small amount (approx) $12 usd worth of eth. i have bnb in my meta to use for gas , but the transaction says successful and it hasnt showed up, been almost an hour, any tips ? or is there anything im missing?

Where you sent it? Binance? you used corect address?