Binance peg ETH received in BSC network in metamask

Hi, I was supposed to add some fund in metamask eth wallet, i had fund(bsc) in trust wallet, was trying to convert it to eth so that i could send to metamask. used pancakeswap and swapped bsc token into eth. But shockingly i have received bsc peg ETH. I am newbie here. I thought it is same like ETH, so i decided to send that amount to metamask eth address. Transfer was successfull. But I did not receive that fund in metamask eth wallet. After some googling, I added bsc network in metamask, and finally I couuld see that transferred amount in metamask bsc network eth balance( its binance peg ETH). My need was not completed here, as i needed that fund in ethereum network pure ETH. again did extensive googling, but i could not be helped. Finally arrived here, hope this great community can help me out. my requirement>> how can I swap that Binance peg ETH into Ethereum network pure ETH?

You should have the ETH in your address. Check carefully

Thanks for replying. I have eth, but it’s in binance smart chain network, and this eth is binance-pegged eth. How can I transfer those eth in ethereum network within metamask?

Can you share your wallet public address ? I’m trying to understand what you mean.


It will show 0 BNB
But in list you can see binance pegged eth

Yes shows $11 ETH in address.

@cid You have 0.00454832 ETH (Binance-Peg Ethereum Token)
and you need a some smal amount BNB (0.20 - 0.50$) :smiley:
because BNB is a GAS on the Binance Smart Chain network.

After adding bnb what I need to do?

@Luigi I need that binance peg eth amount in ethereum network eth, is it possible? If yes , please tell how? If not, tell me how can I buy ethereum network token from that binance peg ethereum balance?

you have 2 options from my knowledge:

1.- go though a centralized exchange, like Binance, to sell your Binance PEG Ethereum and buy Ethereum and then withdrawal to ETH20 , paying the Binance withdrawal fee.

2.- buy a token that has a BSC - Ethereum Bridge so you can use it to transfer. For example Laika Protocol Token (BSC) has a BSC to ETH Bridge. You change your Binance PEG ETH to Laika, bridge Laika to ETH network and then Swap Laika in ETH network to Ethereum.

I cannot include links but if you search on google: Laika BSC ETH Bridge, the first post (Reddit post) has the instructions on how to bridge.

So you can swap in Pancakeswap your BSC tokens to Laika Protocol, Bridge to ETH and then swap in Uniswap your Laika to Ethereum.

@cbayschm Thanks for your effort, I will try and let you know

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@cbayschm in reddit it shows as
Instructions for swapping from BSC to ETH

  1. Visit exchange…
  2. Connect your wallet with Metamask
  3. Ensure that you are on the Binance Smart Chain Network
  4. Click on “Select a token”
  5. In the search field, enter the BSC contract address for Laika - 0x2a49De60cc6204c3AFC3e770FDB30A0554147519
  6. Import and select Laika from the dropdown menu
  7. Enter the amount of Laika you wish to swap
  8. Click on “Approve”
  9. Confirm the transaction in Metamask
  10. Click on “Deposit in BSC Chain”
  11. Review the swap information and click on “Confirm”
  12. Confirm the transaction in Metamask
  13. Click on “Withdraw on Ethereum Chain”
  14. You will be prompted to switch to the Ethereum network, confirm the switch
  15. Reconnect your wallet if needed
  16. Click on “Withdraw on Ethereum Chain” once again
  17. Confirm the transaction in Metamask

My question is - if I put BSC Laika contract address, will not amount will be gone?

Sorry I don’t understand your question. What amount will be gone?

you push on the “select a token” button, then a popup will appear where you put the contract number, and the Laika token will appear to choose, you import it and then it goes back to the original window where now it will say Laika, and your Laika tokens should appear there if your wallet is connected. Then you can choose the amount.

hi i did the something similar i transferred eth from binance to metamask but now its stuck as binancepeg eth token how i take it back to binance or successfully get deposited into metamask

hi i did the something similar i transferred eth from binance to metamask but now its stuck as binancepeg eth token how i take it back to binance or successfully get deposited into metamask

I had added bnb in bsc network metamask for gas fee, send that binance peg eth in trust wallet again, then convert that binance peg eth into binance smart chain…this procedure my issue was resolved. Some gas fee and conversion fee occurred.