Insufficient funds errors

Ok so new to metamask, first thing was I wanted to test metamask. So I decided to move USDT from binance. Intended to move 50 dollars.

I read up all the bsc stuff. Set up bsc manner and sent the 5o dollars, binanxes fees and got eventually, 48.20 of BEP20 USDT (but really now BUSD)

Ok I find you can’t really use this as usdt. So the whole shadowing bsc chain thing does seem to have much practical application to me, so the 48 dollars would serve me better on binance, or 48.20 minus I assume a similar binance fee.

But no. On trying to refund I get insufficient fees and requests to set gas fees. (No gas on bsc???)

Undeterred by this little farce I decide to progress with my main aim, to get matic over (with an intention of using matic mainnet to then purchase )
I then transfer 194 matic (paying over 20 dollars in gas) to the ethereum main net. And figure can swap there.

I then discover that to use plasma bridge to move matic from ethereum net to matic main net costs nearly all the matic. So it’s a no-go, Time to move that matic back to binance so that I can trade that and just by matic mainnet with ramp. Hi e up with the meta mask farce

Except still I have insufficient funds.

So what metamask has done is effectively suck up 126 dollars of my tokens and trap them in limbo. Which is a pretty poor experience.

Now I have read a little more of this forum is similarish issues have arisen before.
So I now understand that this wallet is mistaken when saying its gas and it shoudl be BNB, However, to get my money off this wallet. I need 0.000418 bnb. But the minimum BNB I can take off of binance, is 0.05 but i am trying to recover 48 dollars. This would still leave me with an issue of an excess 'shrapnel BNB balance… Yes sounds like nothing except in this country, thats a weeks wages.

AND this still doesnt appear to solve the issue of the MATIC< which, I assume I have to buy and move ethereum into this wallet, in order to get my own money off the wallet?

This is absolutely terrible user functionality, why is the fee balance not removed from the transacting token

AND now it seems the 64 dollars, of Matic, would require a minimum transfer of 33 dollars of Ethereum, from binance,(at a cost of 17 dollars to send…) and then a corresponding 17 dollars to get the Matic back out. Leaving an excess 16 dollar behind?

IS this really the way this ;decentralised’ democratised fianance works?

there should be a warning before entering into this wallet that funds may be stuck. That fees must be paid on all transactions, that are ‘in line with x amount’ and that moving small amounts of crypto is not advisable. BAsically my money is stuck in this wallet and i cant get it out, we f@#$ his s#$t wallet then.