HT tokens sent to ETHER mainnet instead of HECO by BHEX. How do I move the HT to the proper network?

Hi all, I bought some HT tokens on BHEX today, and attempted to withdraw them to metamask via the HECO mainnet I set up on metamask. I copied the public address of the metamask wallet and used that on BHEX to do the withdrawal and chose the proper HECO network for the withdrawal, however BHEX improperly sent the HT via Ether Mainnet, now I cannot use the HT on Makiswap because it only accepts HECO mainnet logins via metamask. How do I move the HT tokens from Ether Mainnet to HECO mainnet?

You need to add the Heco network to your metamask first then use a Eth-Heco bridge and move the HT
Can’t add a link but just google how to add heco to metamask, there is a medium article by stakingbits which is really easy to follow

I have the same problem. How do you solved it?
I can’t find a bridge to move HT from ETH to HECO chain.