I accidentaly sent BNB to address shown in Metamask App Video

Hi. Just want to ask where does the coin/token sent to this wallet: 0xB45A7510EaaD1Ef02CFaD55C67c0EA084CDD40d2 go?

This is the MetaMask Wallet Address of the PassPhrase “trust fox genuine future token panda approve swap mask prosper heart ahead” which is the PassPhrase shown in your video that is played on SETTINGS → Privacy & Security

I incidentally sent BNB to this Wallet Address because my brother-in-law (which is not a techy guy) thought that this is his PassPhrase, he login using this seedphrase and gave me the wallet address.

I just discovered it because the BNB doesn’t appear on the account.

I want my BNB back if possible.

Thank you!