BNB not showing

i had BNB in my metamask wallet some other coins as well, I had steak 2200 panther token before 4 months, yesterday i unsteak 2200 panther token metamask transaction completed now my BnB and panther showing zero I don’t understand what is the issue

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It could be you where hacked and they stole your tokens? Check your wallet with BSCscan to see if there are any transactions to an unkown wallet that you didn’t make.

If you don’t know how to do this, please post your wallet address so I can check.

By the way I am asking for your wallet address which you give publicly so people can transfer to you. Please by no means give me or post your private key or recovery phrase!

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In regards to this specific situation, I will require your account public address and transaction hash/Id.

For security and privacy purposes, please open a support ticket at Submit a request – MetaMask (

Thank you,Mili

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Yeah, I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but all your tokens where sent to this address:


1 day 16 hours ago:

That looks like you where hacked and they took all your tokens. :unamused:

how its posible i didnt give to anybody my password ,key or can somebady help me or not and i how can i save this acount?

hi there
how can somebody hacked, is this metamask high security I saved my Phares in a hidden place so what should I do?
ask him or her or block his or her metamask but I want my token back I can’t bear this loss so please do something
and help me,

Hi fazal,

Sorry, I am just a Metamask user. I am not affiliated with Metamask in any way.

Just so you know, most of the hacks have nothing to do with Metamask security, it is either a malware or virus or phishing scheme so they get access to your private key or phrase some way.

I know this is late, but if you are serious about crypto you should invest in a hardware wallet, it is only 100-150 usd and will avoid anyone getting access to your wallet.

Of couse the most important thing is to write down your recovery phrase on a paper, never leave it in a PC or mobile phone or picture which can have any connection to the internet.

Keep your recovery phrase paper in a safe or under key in a safe place.
It is the only way to be safe.

I am sorry to say, it will be very difficult to get your money back. The decentralised nature of crypto makes it almost impossible to know who’s wallet that is to prosecute anybody for the theft. And unless you can actually prove that it was a security issue of Metamask and not a user security fault, I don’t think they will be liable.

I would submit a ticket with Metamask to see what they tell you.

Remember this is a community forum not Metamask support.

thanks for your help

i steaked coins and my metamask was hacked how can I save that coin, how can I secure my metamask?

Hi Fazal,

I’m sorry I really don’t know. I would suggest submitting a ticket to have Metamask people help you.

From what I know, when you stake coins they give you a certain amount of tokens as collateral to recuperate your coins after, but if the haclers took those tokens, you will not be able to get your coins back.

I am not sure if for your specific case this is true, because I don’t know where you staked or what coins, but I personally would ask metamask support for help to do this the safest way possible.

When I went to send my bnb to meta mask from trust wallet. I went to MetaMask copied the address and Inserted it into trust wallet so I could send my money…my money ended up not transferring to my meta mask cause the address is different from my meta mask wallet. I don’t get this and am thoroughly confused on how this could happen. Did MetaMask change the address cause I checked all my wallets and there is no address that match the one I sent it too… I’m not happy

Sorry this happened to you.

I know of a few malwares on computers that will do that, when you copy paste a wallet address it replaces the address with the one from the hacker, so you send the money to him instead of your intended address.

I know it is late, but always double check the addresses even if you copy paste, just to be sure.