Did not receive BNB on metamask

Hello, I need help.
Did note received BNB on metamask from binance.
Transaction is ok, my wallet is connected, because I received before and later others transactions, from the same account to this wallet.
Txid: 0xba7692e2cd6f0bcc49cfeabe11d6ad44b5d2a9e157b1310d4088addefe1300d1.

I don’t know what to do

Your BNB was transferred twice in a row after you sent it to your address, and finally arrived at 0xf3f this address, which seems abnormal. From the transaction of this address, this address is obviously suspected of fraud and seems to be stealing BNB all the time. Have you used coinecko, dextoools and ethscan to connect to metamask recently because these apps have been attacked recently? If so, please change the wallet address, Or try to cancel the previous authorization.


I did not use, but I will change adress anyway.
What else I have to do?

How can they transfer without authorization, if we do not confirm?
Does it mean that my wallet is compromised?

Your address may have been stolen, which may be related to your authorization of phishing links, so you should change your wallet address.

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How can I change it?

You need to create a new wallet address. Don’t use the previous address.At the same time, you need to keep your secret key and seed phrase, don’t disclose it, and don’t click on strange links

Ah, ok I dit it.
The old wallet is retired, lol.
But this BNB are lost?
One more quest, my wallet is connected to a game, there is some way do desvinculate it?

Enter from the left side of your metamask wallet, and you can manually interrupt the connection with the game :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you a lot.
I will provide another wallet.

hi @Lyana ,

Couple of security articles that may help you in the future. Always remember nobody will ever ask for your Secret Recovery Phrase. If a person or site asks for your secret phrase, close it - do not provide it. MetaMask will never have a pop-up that asks you to enter your secret recovery phrase a 2nd time if you’re already logged into your wallet.

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