Coins stolen from metamask

Hello, today I discovered that the pancake and bnb are stolen from my metamask. It is involving these 2 transactions. Does anyone have an idea what to do how this has happend? I did not give my seedphrase to anyone of course. (spaces in links)

https :// bscscan. com/tx/0x4aa9fc412a717fdcc3fa4f4848d65b25d0b8e8272f9297cd3edd6b1e8b3c445c

https :// bscscan. com/tx/0x466172c1b3c7de9034087923c2615ca5f5151683e7e866c04b3a28439090ef8a

For anyone interested, I found out how it happend. I went to google to reinstall my metamask. typed in metamask ofcourse, took the first link and was transfered to metamásk instead. From there on everything went to shit of course