Metamask hacked, help me

Good afternoon, yesterday from my metamask wallet address 0xB8746D5d81775B308fe0E757853275a0218B6418 in the bsc network were stolen Less token in the amount of 139700 and Newinu in the amount of 5000000000000 in the amount of $ 4000 and transferred to the address 0xda77733Afe1d6BCA3F121536 How could this happen? I did not give my secret phrases to anyone and no one except me has access to a laptop. 0x3cd20d132bfe48d76bc326248dbcc13c281def72f55c141b35435379500f9ba2 this is transaction withdrawal 139714 less token. 0xdaa9a522c3359053eb788e52bc72895ab922fd7b26afe085ea78665bce3a9553 is a Newinu withdrawal transaction. How could this happen?

Hi, you certainly share your seed phrase or authorize a website to control your wallet, didn’t you ?
Without the seed phrase they cannot force your account unless you authorize them to do so …

Of course not! I did not do this, the seed phrase is only mine.

Did you use any 3rd party app on your laptop ?

same but this time with the BSC and Vera Coin!