I lost everything from Metamask BSC! Seeking Help!

Hello Community,

Honestly, I am not even in the condition of writing this post. It’s hard to describe when you lose your hard-earned income within a matter of minutes!

Yesterday I went to a website named OVRswap (DO NOT NOT OPEN METMASK ON THIS SCAM SITE. FAKE METAMASK) and when I clicked connect wallet it opens a fake Metmask from the right top corner.

This looks exactly the same as your Metamask extension and I even have no idea that this Metamask is fake! It says to change your password with your seed key phrase! And I was so dumb to do that. I didn’t even think properly as I saw the legit Metamask! And I did the biggest mistake of my life!

After few seconds I understood what just happened and I immediately logged in to my main Metmask and changed the password. But no benefit as scammers has my seed phrase now. I hurriedly opened another Metmask account and went to the hacked account to transfer all of my coins to a new account! But I was late! All of my savings and earnings were lost, which was worth around $4000. Luckily I was able to save $1000 from Polygon Network.

Here’s my BSC address. You can check on BSCchain to see what happened - 0xC19b004f55345A2C2E3Cd78F0bF39fd9Ee23dA4a

I was just able to save around $200 worth altcoins and sent to my new account - 0xc64f806f15d2a0d6427696c9040ee28556712e91

  • Scammer’s account

Scammer moved BNB to this account - 0x7da6e8435b3a326bcfff4a7ad17abf9c1a96b180

Scammer moved all altcoins to this account - 0xc7114f05ab4b5d9d4d315376dfff7eeba283eec4#tokentxns

4k dollars was a lot for me and I am feeling devastated! Around 3.5 BNB is gone with all altcoins! Now I have nothing!

I read a lot of articles on how to get my money back. I learned that there is no way! :disappointed:

After this incident, I am feeling suicidal! I am feeling broken! I know I did a mistake, I am an idiot! But that was my money, my hard-earned money! And I lost everything in a minute!

If anyone here, any dev, any tech, anyone knows any way to get back my money. Please let me know.

Help me, please!

Hello Pitboy,

what happend to you is horrible. Thank you for sharing that with us. But i want to tell you… YOU ARE NOT STUPID. Imagine there are people outside, who play people like that. I know you are feeling bad and stupid and all BUT when you loose eveything dont give up. Fight back and then you WIN maybe 2025 up to 30.000 DOLLERS. I know its hard but dont think about taking your life actually you lost money but the scammers lost there soul. FIGHT BACK and now ? That happens you never again. FROM NOW YOU CAN ONLY WIN!!!

And we need you here okay?

Greetings from Germany

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