Legit email Metamask

I this email legit of metamask? metamask@securetechsupport.net

No. that is a scammer. How did you encounter that email address?

Not🙂 but they encounterd because I’m having an issue with erc20 tokens I send to bep20…

We can help you here if you post about what is happening here. This is the official community.

I found this e-mail on Reddit and the various MetaMask posts. I made the error of sending them an e-mail. Almost immediately I received an e-mail back with a link and a statement that they would help me resolve the problem once I clicked the link and they accessed my account.

I did not click the link as I was reluctant to give anyone “access” to my wallet.

Later on I found this “community” and filled out a support inquiry. Allen with support contacted me quickly and said “do not click the link”. It was a scam and that he would assist me with my issue once he understood the full problem that I was having.

So, I am glad that I was weary of the e-mail. Thank you to the community and support for replying to me quickly. I think that my issue will be resolved soon.


Hi Jacob,
Same thing happened to me for over 3 ETH. Got scammed today. What I was thinking to give out the magic phrase !

I’m so so sorry that happened to you @Maradona10 . If you contact our support, we can help you investigate.


Hi Jacob,
I got scammed by this email address : metamask@securetechsupport.net
Thought is was the official website contact. But actually I think it’s not definitely loss because they are emailing me asking me for the server authentification code, which I don’t have so at least one stupid thing I haven’t done. maybe still a chance. How can I change my seed phrase in order for them not to attempt scamming me ? Thanks

This was the transaction : Transaction ID :

Your help is very well appreciated. Thanks for the help

Unfortunately, the seed phrase is the keys to your accounts at the blockchain level. It cannot be changed and is not something that MetaMask controls. If your seed phrase has been compromised, you need to move those funds to a different wallet as soon as possible.

One way to make this easier is to use multiple browsers or Chrome browser profiles. You’ll need to make a new seed phrase on the other browser, then send all of your funds to that other wallet.

This man is scammer


Hi Jacob, here is the link to the article.


Thanks in advance.

And I’m in shock how many scammers are active.

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@10minutes , did that person DM you or something? I’m banning that account because of the misleading nickname.

Yes he send me an email. See below.

We are very sorry for the inconveniences, we notice an error in pearing with TRUST WALLET server.
We will have to deal with this issue manually, please follow the link below, a server code will be generated after done, this code will enable …


@randy thanks :slightly_smiling_face: this man is stealing a crypto

He didn’t steal my crypto.

But spam Reddit page and wants user SEED
and spamming this forum :warning: