I lost all of my tokens from my wallet

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Lost bnb someone stolen i lost my bnb its 45k php can help me to refund to my wallet on metamask :frowning: please help me to give me back my lost 45k php because i did not talk someone and im` not talkling and asking about the seed prase when i woke up i saw my balance is zero this is my address 0x1E45666b348Cb3bE32fef8A13504e786361214AC and this is address stole my money 0xe148aa8B0eE7fa1fAC068e5Cc4F79690Ce5A4D23 please detect this person

Please I also lost my BNB asset I didn’t do anything or click anything but when I wake up in the morning and check my metamask I lost all my bnb please check on this I didn’t transfer anything on this account.

My wallet:


Transferred to this that I didn’t do:


Please help us on this.