Pls Lost token bnb

Pls help me i lost my bnb how can i back my bnb token pls help

Please do not contact the WhatsApp, it is a scam.

Can you be more specific? How did you lose it?

If you can send you public wallet address, I can check transactions and see where they went.

I try to stake in binamon (bmon) token when i click the colect the metamask will appear then i click sign after that all my bnb will lose

Can you give me your wallet public address? So I can check the transaction history and see what happened?

The public address is the one you give out so people can deposit.

Never give out your private key or seed phrase, if someone has access to those they can steal all your crypto.


My public address thank you for helping me

One minute after you staked your BMON tokens there is a transaction sending your BNB to this address:


Do you know who this address belongs to? Did you make this transaction?

If you did not do this, it could be you where hacked.

So there’s no chance to return my bnb.
Thank you anyway i think i need to move on and becareful next time thank you once again

No, once the transaction is successful there is no way to take it back.

Unless you know who that wallet belongs to and can ask them to return it.

Please be careful, if someone got hold of your private key, they might be waiting for you to put more money into the wallet to steal it.

Try to figure out if you where hacked, how it happened, to try to avoid it from happening again.

Also if you are serious about crypto, I suggest investing in a hardware wallet. It is only 100-150 usd and can save you a lot of money if it avoids hackers from stealing your money.