I did not received any BNB from my binance

Hi All, I need help please. I use my metamask to sent a BMON token to my binance account using of my BNB BEP20 address deposit. I think I missed something any one can help me to recover or how to bring it back please :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :sob: :cry:

Thank you All, I hope you can help me. :frowning: :cold_sweat: :disappointed_relieved:

I will contact you sir :frowning: Thank you very much.

do not contact the whatsapp, it is a scam!

could you give the transaction hash so I can check your transaction?

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Thanks sir I thought its true. Here my transaction hash 0xe4abde3daa0f59c6c62b49d1f151095ca5cb2b6225c2c4f2a43fa1be14ddde7c

Please help me sir :disappointed_relieved: I need that amount because I am not rich I wish I can get it back on my wallet :sob: :cry: :disappointed_relieved:

Can I contact you @cbayschm I will reach out to you if its okay :frowning:

Your coins are there, in your wallet, don’t worry.

Did you add BSC network to Metamask?

You need to add BSC network to you Metamask.

Then you need to add the BMON token to Metamask on the BSC network. For that you push the add token button, then on the token contract address copy and paste this address: 0x08ba0619b1e7a582e0bce5bbe9843322c954c340

The rest of the information should fill up automatically. Push next, and then Add token.

You should now see your 500 BMON tokens on your wallet.

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Hello Sir @cbayschm I already add the BSC network in my metamask but its not show up :cry:

Here the screenshot

You need to add the token, please follow the instructions I put on the last post.

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Sir this the whole screenshot my total Bmon is 1008 and now its only 508.

Sir @cbayschm Because I need 1200 Bmon to get the monster booster thats why I am waiting to get another 200 Bmon :frowning: But the 500 is gone :frowning:

Here is the whole transaction I dont know how to use it or its okay to put here in the thread :frowning:

You sent the 500 to this address:


Who’s wallet is this?

That is where the 500 BMON are.

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Sir @cbayschm Here is that wallet sir on my binance account :frowning:

I didn’t received sir @cbayschm here is my whole wallet in binance BNB :frowning:

That is Binance BNB deposit address, you cannot send other tokens to that address.

You will need to talk to Binance support to see if you can get your tokens back.

We cannot do anything on Metamask side, you already sent them to the Binance wallet.

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:disappointed_relieved: :cry: :sob: Can you help me sir how can I contact the binance support I tried to fill up the form from the website, But the send button is not available because the choices is there’s no BMON token :sob:

Here is the sample sir @cbayschm :sob: :sob: :cry: :disappointed_relieved: :cold_sweat:

OMG!!! You’re such an angel!!!this solved my problem!!! Thank you thank you so much

Hello sir @cbayschm I have a new ticket/concern, by the way thank you so much for your help. The ticket I sent is regarding to the Memo/Key to our metamask. Happy Weekend.

Hi @Ryan1,

Just to be clear, I am just a Metamask user, I have no affiliation with Metamask or work for their support, so I do not have access to tickets. That is handled by Metamask employees.

Hope you can get your problem solved soon!

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