Regarding transaction of BNB from metamask to binance

transaction my 566$ bnb from metamask to binance and got also confirmed from metamask but not credited in my Binance wallet. Even though i am be able to see my transaction I’d. It’s been approx 10 hours to transferred it. But nothing is helping me out. I wrote in twitter handle and also create a ticket no one replying me very bad customer support. Some metamask customer support agents ask to give my binance I’d password and someone saying to deposit 500$ bnb in order to retrieve your 565$ so what would I get i.e., 565-500$ bnb = 265$ bnb right?

Very band customer support and server down issues. Anyone can help me to sort it out.

What if you look up your address at bscscan(.)com. Can you see that the BNB has left your Metamask wallet and that the Binance address is the correct on ?

Did some one ask for your password to Binance ? Don’t give away passwords or seed phrase, but I guess you already know that. No one from Metamask will ask you that.


@Greati is a scam . Stay clear


Hey @Ehsan3602, the MetaMask team will never ask for your Secret Recovery Phrase, password, or for any payment. You were likely interacting with a scammer.

The official channel to contact support is at and click Start a conversation

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