I cannot receive the amount from binance bsc

I choose bsc from binance as a transaction method. Binance said the transaction is completed but i cannot receive in metamask for 1 hour



@billylamch don’t use that stupid dappssupportsync and walletrestores pages

@billylamch you added bsc network that?

I have added but still not see it

Go to coinmarketcap page - Ethereum and click on fox.

omg i have entered the infomation in restore wallet, is it fake?

OMG it’s a scam :frowning: what you wrote there?

my 12 phase omg how to protect my account

can you explain clearly? I don’t know how to do that.

set in binance or metamask?

Late :expressionless: robbed you. Fucking scammers :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

omg I entered the address and I just got 0.00041 left.
Should I never use this metamask again?

NEVER and never give seed to anyone :roll_eyes:

how to know that it is stolen =(

You can’t use such stupid pages :neutral_face: page as if coded by my grandfather…