Sending Token ERROR : Incorrect address - From METAMASK WALLET to BINANCE SMART CHAIN WALLET

I sent BMON Token from METAMASK wallet to BSC Wallet. I never received the token.

I did not know that each asset in the BSC Wallet has its own individual address. That is, when you click on one of the “assets”, then click “received”, it will provide a specific address for you to copy and paste on the METAMASK recipient filling area.

Is there a way to recover it?

I already ask Binance Support about this but they say I should contact Metamask Support instead because it’s where the error originated.

But really, Is there a way to recover it from Metamask?

Did you select the correct address on the recieving end on Binance? Like if you were using Ethereum network, you were supposed to enter the ERC20 address, while BEP20 one with BSC network.

No Sir. I did not select the correct address on the receiving end on Binance. Because it was my first time using Binance Chain Wallet. I selected the address written in the middle top part of the wallet (which is the address for BNB). I forgot that I was to transfer BMON and not BNB. All the details of this transaction are on my Metamask transaction history.

I was so used to Metamask that I thought BSCW worked the same way. Is there a way to reverse it?

@dennisfloresjr Open www.coingecko*com/en/coins/binamon click on fox… balance 0 BMON?

Not sure if it can be reversed or not; MetaMask support might be able to help!

I did the same mistake man, any update on this? Thanks!