My BNB tokens was withdrawn without my authorization

My BNB tokens was transfer to this address 0x6ec26ca379848f54dcd2e4dcb4778b31cc4ba8cc without my authorization this happened during my transaction to transfer my BNB tokens from BINANCE to Metamask wallet. I ask the CS of BINANCE and we found out that in the bscscan there’s new transaction where it transfer all my BNB tokens to this address 0x6ec26ca379848f54dcd2e4dcb4778b31cc4ba8cc.

Why is it like this? can someone help me get back my tokens/assets?

Hola primero que nada no se podra recuperar nada ya que es algun descuido de uno como usuario, una ves comprometida tu cuenta no hay manera de poderla recuperar y salvar tengo tu mismo problema y no he podido hacer algo, creo que MetaMask carece se seguridad para este tipo de situaciones.

The same thing happened to me, I have reported my case with the technical support. Did you recover your bnb? Did soorte help you?

Nothing can be done according to one of meta mask support. This kind of things will keep on happening up until they’ve add some security feature on their app

can you send their link to their whatsapp?

alright. good to know you recover your coins, mind to share their whatsapp?