Dear supports,pls help me, i sanded all my money to the wrong wallet, pls help!

Dear guys, i need a very fast help pls. i just realised that i sanded all my bnb from my mian walltet, to miskeken and unknown, pls pls, can u help me to take my money back, i can give u all info that u need, but for god sake, help pls, im kinda in panic now

You can’t recover those tokens without knowing the owner of the address and asking them to refund you. Be more diligent with your money next time.

No. u didnt get it brother, it was transfer in BNB , from wallet to wallet, and purely clear to find and recover, i have no idea why u still dont have help 5 days left still no answer, but wallet started to buy token with MY money, so idc bro, i need help as fast as possible