I am having a problem with BSC testnet

  1. Balance not update
  2. Can’t send

even reset metamask and also try with Brave/Chrome/MS Edge and reinstall extension it still not update the latest balance & freezing when send/sign a transaction

I’m having the same issue.
It started on both of my devices with different accounts.

On the testnet Bscscan is everything ok. But Metamask won’t update the balance. Transactions go through, but MetaMask displays them as pending.

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The transactions are stuck Balances are not getting fetched correctly.
Deleted and reinstalled Metamask but to no avail. Any resolution available???
Smart contract testing stuck because of this issue.

Changing the RPC-URL fixed it for me.


instead of


Thanks LdNicon! Anyway I solved with data-seed-prebsc-2-s1.binance 8545

thank you for help, I solve this by that action

Thanks for your help!
Solved after 2 - 3h trying deferents things!
Have a nice day!