Please help me Missing BNB

Hi all, I sent from trust wallet to metamask (smart chain) BNB, in my metamask I have added Smart Chain Network it didn’t arrive.

Here’s the transaction hash:


I checked:

  • my Metamask address is correct
  • I added the Binance Smart Chain Network correctly to Metamask
  • I sent the funds through the BSC network

on my trust wallet the BNB logo is black and metamask logo is yellow bnb (sorry i can’t add image)


Same problem with me too except my wallet wont even show tokens from BSC at all anymore.

@jctello do the tokens appear in your MetaMask wallet on bscscan?

How did you add Binance Smart Chain to your wallet? It is possible you added Binance incorrectly, or with an old RPC endpoint that Binance is no longer maintaining. I’d recommend removing the Binance Smart Chain network from your wallet and re-adding it using Chainlist will add custom networks to metamask in a single click.

@opensefer please create a dedicated thread for your issue so we can help you.

hello yes it appears as all is resolved. The bscscans all read my transactions.

I got up this morning and made some transactions but again, i dont know if it will do what it did again to me and i can only hope not.

i dont know how to make a thread as im fairly new to metamask and crypto but yes, if i could make a thread yes why not?

So it is working but…will it stay working? as this is what is occuring, it appears that there are layers to the bsc blockchain side of my wallet. so where it glitched and bugged it reads the old balances and not the updated ones and then it would flash periodically to a new balance or a completely random balance.

and so i waited a few hours by sleeping and woke up and turned the computer on, the wallet was working and then…i would make some transactions and one time it reverted while i was trying to stake with internal json rpc error but then it worked right after that and ive been making successful transactions ever since and it seems like nothing happened. Cause the wallet is now reading the new layer?

so i found that to fix this problem is to wait for the wallet to update the balance after a restart of computer and perform as many transactions with the new wallet balance so the wallet doesn’t revert to the old wallet balance and thats what i did i made as many transactions as i can without hitting refresh because hitting refresh might cause the wallet to revert to old balance and so now the wallet reads the new balances as if nothing happened. but underneath there i guess from a programming standpoint even after i reset the wallet the residue of the old wallet balance is there, as evidenced cause of that random internal json rpc error. but the cause still unknown.

so i dont know what to say now that its working fine now. I can try what you suggested but i dont want to because its working now and not bugging anymore.

I hope this helps the community as i looked everywhere for a fix and asked for help but this problem seems unique to me.

I hope you guys have a good day, if you want to please teach me how to make a thread and I can make one so if someone else runs into a problem like this they can resolve it.