I bought some token on pancakeswap but they disappeared

Good evening. I bought some chips on pancakeswap but they disappeared.
The chips I bought are 0x788a9e5c6427d2b4991abba97568ecfe23605efc.
I bought them in 3 or 4 times.
They appeared for a few seconds on my metamask and then disappeared without any explanation.
I looked at the scan, and I don’t understand why they don’t appear on my metamask. The amount disappeared all of a sudden.
I did add the token on metamask and the balance went from the amount I bought to 0.
I tested on other wallet and the problem is same.
My account 0xB7Dd5EAB4DB97ad9aE63d769c1a3A80af36cd163

Hi @Morientes05 your provided wallet addresses have interacted with a lot of contracts and there are many transactions which appeared to be authorised from your wallet. If you did not initiate these transactions then there must be a possibility of getting hacked or your wallet is compromised. Here is a link which explains you the steps if you think you are hacked.

What I don’t understand is that I don’t have any outgoing transactions for the tokens I bought. On scan only the transactions where I bought the tokens appear. So they should be safe my metamask. They were there only for a few seconds before disappearing. All the transactions I have on scan are from me.

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