I didn't get my money

I have checked on bscscan and its says transferred but i didn’t received any on MetaMask Wallet.

txid is 0x2cdbd3bc637093f34252f95e85088cd280f64fc65134032abb7742d69ed64572

Hello, the 0.1bnb you transferred out is in your address. You only need to switch the BSC chain in metamask to see it


Like Tksly said, you should add BSC network inside metamask, it exists there

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I did it but I don’t see the money

The transaction ID destination address you provided is the following one, not the one in your screenshot. You need to switch to this address to see your BNB

how do i switch to another address? When I copy the address that is in the screenshot, I get the one before you show me.

The address receiving BNB seems to be a normal address, not a fraud address. It is likely to be another address of yours, or the address you have transferred. You can think about the origin of this address carefully. The frequency of use of this address is very low. Is it the address you have abandoned?

yes, this is the address to which I sent the BNB.Sorry but I can’t think of other addresses.

Hi @PlayAPS and welcome to the community.

When you click the button i circled, do more accounts appear, and if so, is the address to which you sent the BNB to, one of them?

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I only have this account

Can you return the money to my binance if nothing works out?

Metamask is a decentralized wallet. You can’t recover the assets after you send them successfully, so you need to carefully check the destination address before sending the assets. In addition, don’t disclose your secret key and seed phrase.

ok, what should i do to see my money?

If you backed up your Secret Recovery Phrase or private key for the respective wallet/account to which you sent the BNB, you should be able to restore it depending on what your situation is. Try to see if any of these posts can help you and let us know how it went.

I hope these will help you.

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I have an account that I sent bnb to. When I copy the code in the picture, I get this - 0xEa375AfbDa5e11af6F93932ef2dcDe2Cf38768Dd. I don’t have other accounts.

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Guys please help me. I don’t understand what to do

Um You can only find the source of the address by yourself. When entering the blockchain, as a novice, you should learn some basic knowledge. For example, you must check your address before transfer, and you can’t send it to the contract address or disclose the secret key. Here is the knowledge base of metamask, where you can learn a lot of knowledge and improve your security awareness.

Finally, what I want to say is that in a decentralized world, you are the owner of the wallet. You should be responsible for your own assets. In any case, we should handle assets carefully, because once sent to the wrong address, it is irreversible and no one can retrieve it. The only way is to improve your own security awareness and learn security knowledge. :face_with_monocle:

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Hi @PlayAPS ,

If you go to bscscan.com and input this address in the search bar : 0xEa375AfbDa5e11af6F93932ef2dcDe2Cf38768Dd , do you recognize any of the transactions in this address?

Also, have you ever had a 2nd or more than 1 address in your MetaMask wallet regardless of network?

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Hi @KBeeTheCapybara , I don’t have any other addresses in the metamask. Yes, if I enter the address that you have written, I see my transaction.

@PlayAPS When you click here :point_down: you copy the eth address

then you get an eth address: 0xEa375AfbDa5e11af6F93932ef2dcDe2Cf38768Dd ??