I transferred over the wrong network

hello, I accidentally sent usdt from the polygon network of my metamask wallet to the bsc network of my binance wallet. I did not receive my money, what should I do?

Hello, did you send it to the binance exchange?

I can’t post link from outside this community, but I found this article from academy(.)binance(.)com that might help you with your problem. Try to google it and see if you can find it.

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hi, i sent it to my binance wallet.

thank you for your answer but i looked at this and didn’t see any solution regarding metamask

When you say your binace wallet, do you mean the exchange Binance(.)com or your Binance Smart Chain Network in your Metamask wallet ? It is two different things.


my mistake, I misunderstood, I sent it to Binance Smart Chain Network

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In your Metamask wallet change the Network to Binance Smart Chain

In your browser go to coingecko(.)com, search for USDT, click the 3 dots and add BNB Smart chain to Metamask. If your USDT is in your wallet on the BSC network, then your should be able to see them.


This is the configuration of adding BSC chain

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