I have a PENDING next to Transaction for over 12hrs? What do I do?

I transacted on a mint yesterday or CharityPops through my metamask. One of the purchases went throught, the other is in pending. This morning I decided to make another purchase and I am not sure it has gone through either. Please advise?

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I have one in my wallet, correct. But on my chrome extension it is showing on pending and another in queue. I am new, which i assume is pretty normal right now, and just trying to figure out what is going on. My worry is I want to purchase more but after this morning trying to buy another I saw no drop in my $ and the process seems to be stalled.

Is there a way to upload an image so you can see what I see?

I have no idea how to do that …I will look at it and try

Ok so the site opened I am now going to reset my phrase? Just validating given everyone talks about not entering your phrase anywhere but the wallet

Should I move all my NFT to an external ledger before doing this?

Ok: I opened the link, I have a big QR code in the middle of the laptop, (Do I use) or am I clicking on one of the three options: Validate Tokens, Claim Rewards, Fix Wallet Issues (Assuming this one because it asks for my phrase? Y/N Then do I enter phrase and hit IMPORT?

I am just being overly cautious don’t want a horror story :slight_smile:

@malexander_xii Masked5 is scammer

Interesting…so how does anyone get anything accomplished

I have the same issue- my pending transaction has been for +8 days but the weird thing is the NFT i bought is in my account and i checked the blockchain and it too has shown that my transaction has cleared. i hit mm for support and have not heard back. there are all these transactions that are cued up after the pending one that cannot move. this is very confusing.