I have send USDC from Metamask Wallet (MATIC Network) to Binance wallet but didnot receive the money


I have facing issue with sending my USDC token from metamask wallet to Binance wallet.
The token have been deduct from the metamask wallet and the status showed success. But somehow i havent receive USDC token in my binance wallet.

What should i do?

I think you’ll need to contact Binance support for recovery tool

i found the address have some capital letter compare to the address when i copied… Is that mean i send to someone else?

No doesn’t mean. Contact Binance support I think it was sent on the wrong chain reason you haven’t received it.

Sorry i am quite new to these. May i know how to contact them?

From the Binance website you can contact support. Only from the website

okay thank you for your support!!

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