Wrong transaction

I wanted to withdraw USDC to my binance address, but then i transferred to a wrong blockchain on binance. Is there a way to retrieve my crypto ?

Hi @seyiissh, welcome to MetaMask community!

Can you give more details? I don’t understand what you did exactly. What was the source and what the destination of the transaction? Was it on the exchange or on the MetaMask wallet? Need more details.


sorry, have been away sine the last time i ask for help. So, i have some usdc on my MetaMask(Arbitrum one) and i wanted to send it to my binance account, after sending the crypto, it sent but it didnt show in my Binance. when i ask someone they said i was suppose to convert the Usdc to Eth before sending it to Binance. Is there anyway to get back my crypto

hi @seyiissh ,welcome to MetaMask community.

Before depositing funds to an exchange, make sure it supports the chain you are using.
As far as I know, Binance does not support Arbitrum’s USDC deposit for the time being. You should contact the Binance support team.
In your case, if you want to get it back in time, they may charge 500U.
There is another way, after Binance supports the USDC deposit of Arbitrum, you can see your USDC.

So, you should contact Binance now to see if there is a better way.
Hope you get back your USDC as soon as possible.


Thanks, i hope i get back my UsDC

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