I have USDT, I want to dive

I have the coin on Metamask but I cannot transfer the coin to another wallet because I do not have a BNB coin on Metamask, I cannot pay fees and I also cannot transfer BNB coin to another wallet to Metamask because the don’t give me address of BNB Metamask that’s a problem now

Buy BNB on Binance :smile: some small amount
and send BNB on your ETH Metamask address (use BEP-20 for withdraw BNB)

i can’t buy and change

this BUY button :smiley: not working on BSC

you added Binance Smart Chain correctly? :point_down:

I have bsc mainnet i should have main ethernet network how can i switch

Sorry man i don’t understand :roll_eyes:

When they are your crypto on BSC mainnet :money_mouth_face: you need a BNB.
Binance Smart Chain need to get some BNB to pay for gas.

Yes, I should have bnb so that I can pay fees. But I can not buy bnb and transfer from other wallet that is a problem

bahozmzuri123 i send you some BNB :upside_down_face: when you send me some ETH :smile: after

Thank you very much, I transferred the coins to trust wrong again (binance-peg ethereum token to Ethereum) I don’t know how can I get the coins back bro

bro :roll_eyes: where you sent it? (Binance Peg-ETH tokens) crypto exchanger or some crypto wallet?

In Metamask Binance Peg-ETH tokens I have transferred to trust wallet Ethereum

this is ok :upside_down_face: Trust Wallet support Binance Smart Chain

I didn’t get the coins on trust wallet bro

what :neutral_face: you have to be careful bro… how is your ETH trust wallet address?

bro can i have the coins again?

I don’t know where you sent it? :neutral_face: i need more info

I have overesit bro on my metamask wallet on my trust wallet but I have not received the coin on my trust wallet. What information do you need bro?

where is the coin :roll_eyes: send me your ETH Metamask address


bro your Binance Peg-ETH tokens is still here :smiley: not worry