I imported a scam token

I imported a scam token and I don’t know how to get it out because when I imported it it disappeared, somehow it was hidden, please help me

If the token disappeared in your wallet, it is because you do not have the token imported (the icon) in your wallet. But if it is a scam token I’m pretty sure you can forget about it and just don’t touch it.

Most of us have scam tokens in our wallets that are sent to us without knowing. The scammer hopes you see these scam-tokens and then wonder how much they are worth, and then you try to connect your wallet to the scammers website maybe in hope of swapping the scam-coin to USDT or something else. If you do so, the scammer will empty your wallet, so don’t.

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I even tried to enter the site but metamask identified that it was a scam, I tried to import, I clicked on import and it didn’t appear, do you think metamask blocked it?

If the scam token appears in the wallet, just ignore it.


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