Adding a scam token - wallet compromised?


Looking through EtherScan and I can see an “akswap” token had been sent to me, I took the contract address and added the token to my MM to view.

Once the token was viewable in my MM, I then hid it from the wallet.

After some research I can see it’s a scam token, I am worried that the wallet is compromised as I added the token by importing token address.

I did not approve or attempt to swap the token on any DEX.

Could anyone help and put my mind at ease?

Thanks in advance

Hi @hittinitoldskool when you have not connected a wallet to any site (akswap page) :upside_down_face: and you didn’t try to sell it :slightly_smiling_face: you’re safe.

not conected

Not connected is good connected :grin:

Akswap website containing a malicious smart contract.
Do not connecting the wallet to any suspicious sites.


Ah great, thank you. I’ve read that people have had their wallets emptied after trying to approve the contract and it failing.

So, I wasn’t 100% sure I’d be safe as I had imported the token address into my MetaMask to view it in the wallet.

My MM was connected to Uni, however couldn’t see the token there.

Thanks again

Sorry to bother you again.

So if my MM was connected to Uniswap whilst I had the tokens visible in MM, that’s a risk?

Noo don’t worry :smiley: you are safe.

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