I lost all my vallue

I lost all my value in $ from BabyDogeCoin to BNB on pancake swap,
i never had any issues with metamask for allot of years until I bought babydogecoins,
MetaMask is linked on PanCakeswap

After i swapped my BNB into BabyDogeCoin in pancakeswap.
I had my value in BabyDogeCoin on pancakeswap,

Today i want to sell BabyDogeCoin to BnB
This happend with my transaction and i lost all my vallue
It was supposed to be all automated:

Transaction ID: 0xd4e1f4adc25934cc20c7996a9bf0a23c0adc8bc7f7785c2cb5d3489df81891e1
Metamask automaticly sold bnb to the wrong adress:

bscan /0xd4e1f4adc25934cc20c7996a9bf0a23c0adc8bc7f7785c2cb5d3489df81891e1

see imgurcom /a/HvbiGj0

But i recieved nothing on my wallet?
Please help me i lost allot of money

That transaction hash is only for approving to trade babydogecoin.

You didn’t actually sell it. You just approved it to be traded by pancakeswap.

You always have to do this before the first time you sell.

If you sold after this, then there should be another transaction hash.

bscscan: My Wallet 0xaa41d5f631a6d4dbe16d818c2ba0f90a9b3af77b

I dont see any transaction history on Metamask for babydogecoin and not on pancakeswap
Yet this happend see thirdlast.

Als a weird thing that happend is:
After aproval for trading babydoge on pancake
this happend:



Contract [0xc748673057861a797275cd8a068abb95a902e8de]

Transaction Action:

  • Approved!For Trade On[PancakeSwap: Router 0x10ed43c718714eb63d5aa57b78b54704e256024e)

In that approved wallet is 120.000$ stuck on babydogecoin did my wallets got mixed somehow and it got stuck in there?

Because there is no transaction to be found back on Pancakeswap and on Metamask.
I also see my money somehow got
transfered from

ADRESS1: bscscan

to this: bscscan
0xc736ca3d9b1e90af4230bd8f9626528b3d4e0ee0 ( This looks like an Exchange? )

Thanks for helping me out

Hi SL4J3N,

From your wallet I can see there is an transfer of almost all of your BabyDogeCoin to this Address:


1 day 7 hours ago.

Then 20 hours ago you sold on Pancake swap, but you only had 1.8 million coins left.

Did you intentionally send those BabyDogeCoins to that address?? If not you might have been hacked.

Please be careful and don’t put any more money into this wallet until you know what is going on.

Yeah, looking at the money trail, they exchanged your BabydogeCoins to Binance Pegged ETH sent it to another wallet, then from that wallet they sent it to a Binance Hot Wallet to probably cash out.

It looks like where hacked. :unamused:

I can see my money eventually got in this wallet
etherscan io 0x6d4841027c420502cfbb1c72abbe154b66db2c74

the 14.7 Ether is almost fully my money
can we hunt this wallet down please help me :frowning:

I am sorry man, I am just a Metamask user. Ai am not affiliated with Metamask in any way.

I recommend you contact Metamask support and see if they can help you.

Remember this is just a community forum. Submit a ticket to get Metamask support involved.

We already found the wallet where it is stuck now, its not possible no one
can help me, i made a support on Metamask but they have 7days que time…

There should be a way to contact them directly?

I had this same exact situation happen to me yesterday. My account was drained to this same address with me totally unawares. I’m still trying to figure out how that was ever possible.
The only thing I can think of is I did what was not recommended and screenshotted my phrase which picture was then uploaded to google photos. Did you happen to do something similar with yours?