I lost BUSD when withdraw from binace to my wallet

I withdraw BUSD from binance to my wallet but in the time busd come it make other transaction to move BUSD to other address in the same time, But my wallet dont lost money just lost BUSD in transaction
I had talk with binance but they said i need talk to MetaMask.

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You only did the transaction from Binance to your MetaMask wallet ? Not the transaction from your MetaMask to Pancakeswap ? If so, it might sound like you are being attacked by a sweeper bot (see link).


You only did the transaction from Binance to your MetaMask wallet.

I had read the post, i dont share the recovery phrase to anyone,today i try to send all money in my wallet to a new wallet and its is fine

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Sounds great. I would also stop using that wallet and transfer all I got to another new wallet.

You don’t have to share your seed phrase to get “hacked”. If you took a photo of your seed phrase with your phone, or you saved it online somewhere, someone might get access to it that way. So best way to save your seed phrase, it not saving it online. Just a tip :slight_smile:

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