I made a stupid mistake and asked someone to send 15,000 USDT to a wallet I dealt with before., instead of to my wallet. Sent 15,000 USDT to the wrong wallet. this is destroying me. Mt contract details are

USDT 15,000 sent by mistake to MetaMax wallet 0x881D40237659C251811CEC9c364ef91dC08D300C.
transaction hash# 0x1dd2952890cf8f595af79cd4b2d1ed5e54f6d011422478ca2195374e985292f


I was hoping someone had an answer as to how to send a token amount with a note attached. cant say i am enthused about the total lack of interest. sure its a beginners mistake, but its 1/2 year of my pension, so its important. Moderator, you can close this thread please.

this transaction was made in May 2021. thanks