I retrieved my lost One Harmony tokens

I am so grateful for using: chainlist.wtf

I had sent my One Harmony tokens to my Metamask Etheium wallet.

But with chainlist I was able to use that same wallet address but change the format to One Harmony.

It fckn worked, yaaaaaaay!!

If you lost tokens contact support staff of your wallet account, they helped me… in some cases Tether can help I heard.

There’s always a way people, keep praying and trying it’s always possible for the solution to appear if you try you’ll get answers.

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Congratulations on finding your assets. Here are a group of enthusiastic professional instructors ready to answer your questions at any time


Glad to hear you were able to regain access to your assets.

To explain the technical backend. Your Private Key (AKA SRP) is linked to a public address. The same priavte/public address pair can exist on any blockchain that uses the same method for generating keypairs. For Ethereum and other EVM compatible chains, this is derived from the BIP39 word list.

Essentially, if you have the key for that address on one chain, you have it for all compatible chains; because they’re created in the same way.

For a 12 word SRP, there are 1.465 x 10^2210 possible combionations. (the 24 word phrase that hardware wallets use by default adds another 638 zeros to that) At 1 per second, it would take over 30 million years to go through the 12 word list.


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