I sent a token(usdc) to my wallet(binance smart chain mainnet), but it doesn't deposited

As shown in the screenshot, I transferred usdc from the Binance wallet to the Metamask Binance smart chain mainnet.
It says that the transaction is complete, but the token is not deposited.
Did I do something wrong? Is this token lost?
I’d appreciate it if you could answer that.
For your information, my address is 0x39CB387E6ab42E8d5A49Cb140389A4a37EAa5349 (both erc-20 and bsc)

Hi parkhyeon you added BSC? :point_down:

When yes :smiley: must add Binance-Peg USD Coin

See the picture :point_down:

It’s settled.
Thank you for your answer!