I sent doge coin via BEP20(BSC) to my MetaMask wallet stupidly! It says transfer successful however after looking up it seems that my funds are gone! Can anyone help please!

I stupidly sent doge from my Binance account to my MetaMask wallet via BEP20(BSC) just thinking it was smart and that it would be safer without realising that Dogecoin itself can’t be stored in the wallet!

I’ve tried looking for the dogecoin token however there is none. It said that transfer was successful etc.

Is there anything I can do to get them back or is it lost forever!! Please and Thankyou!

Hi @Wario10 Never mind! Read this post :point_down:


Thanks very much for replying I will get on that right now!

Any way that you can help me? I transferred $LINK from Coinbase to metamask - metamask acknowledged that the tokens were $LINK, they were there and then when I returned NOTHING. Can anyone please help?!?!!?!?