I sent PVU to Binance and doesn't appear

I sent my Plant vs Undead withdrawal to Binance by Metamask, I ended up forgetting to convert to BNB and I sent PVU, and it’s not in Binance, is there anything I can do?


Please open a support ticket via the support link in app or in extension, and share the transaction hash with us.


The same happened to me. I already filed a ticket. Please help ty !!

Hello @Isq I already filed a ticket. The same happened with me. I still haven’t got any reply for 3 days already. Please help. Thank you! :frowning:

please I need help, answer the messages

I already sent the ticket, how much time do they give us for an answer? Thank you so much

I have the same issue. Accidentally sent my PVU token to Binance. Need help.

How can I submit a ticket, I present the same problem and I don’t know how to recover my pvu