Accidentally direct transfer to PVU to BINANCE

Hi I accidentally sent PVU token Directly to Binance. Please help me get it back. 9.28 PVU to be exact. I already filed a ticket Please let me know what to do next.

You messaged them on whatsapp then they were able to give back the lost PVU?

Metamask do NOT use WhatsApp or any kind of social media, Telegram etc. You will lose everything!
Please read all the text in the blue box at the top of every page.


Thank you! But will I get back the PVU I lost?

I have no idea. I’m just a novice, sorry.
Did you open a ticket with Metamask or Binance?

I actually opened a ticket already but I haven’t got any reply for the last 3 days.

Sorry for that! Please carefully check details before any else transaction!

Submit tickets for both parties.

I have the same issue. Accidentally sent my PVU token to Binance. Need assistance.

I’ve been waiting for 5 days already and still haven’t got any reply from Metamask about my concern. I don’t know what to do anymore.

were you able to get back your PVU?

No, I wasn’t able to get it back. Nobody from metamask replied. 7 days already. Not hoping anymore.

That’s too bad. I read on a separate thread that it won’t really be transferred back. But still hoping. The tokens should be there somewhere. From Metamask to Binance, and Binance doesn’t acknowledge PVU tokens.

This happened to me this morning. Calm down. You can use Pancakeswap and choose PVU to exchange with other tokens.

You mean the PVU is still there but use pancakeswap to exchange it to other tokens?