I sent to the correct account but it ended in the incorrect

Hi Everyone

I am new here please forgive me if i have posted in the incorrect group.

Recently have tried to send some BNB to a Mate only to find out the funds went to a different account, Hold it right there before you think I am Dum, I did double check the address the from and to Transaction is correct when I checked the Hash is shows different how is this possible, I did my part right and after logging a ticket with MetaMask I just get a response after 7days that I sent to an incorrect address and that’s it no other feedback at all, what type of service are we getting ??? my money is lost because for some reason MetaMask sent it to the incorrect address.

if I sent it to the wrong address I know its my fault but I have proof that I sent it to the correct address.

Ticket number one opened:
Ticket #158663

New Ticket logged today
Ticket #188324