I think I found a bug

I’ll start by saying I’m not a dev, I work in Web3 and I’m a long time user who just had a very unfortunate bug.

This morning I attempted to send DAI to an exchange address.
Metamask showed the tx failed, after this decided not to send the DAI anymore.
About 6 hours later I tried sending UST to an exchange address. When I submitted the transaction I saw it was sending DAI, it was the same tx I had placed in the morning that showed as failed.

But it didn’t send DAI, it sent the UST.

So on Metamask the information is incorrect for the transaction, wrong token, wrong amount, wrong address. When you view the tx on Etherscan it shows the correct information.

Sorry, if this is the wrong place. I want to make sure devs see it. I can provide screenshots if anyone want to see them.

Can you provide screenshots please? :slight_smile:

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