I transfer from metamask to binance wallet but it is not crediting but already deducted from my metamask account

I transferred from MetaMask wallet to binance but not credited in binance as it has already deducted from my MetaMask wallet also

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Which token did you transfer and on which network?
Does Binance support depositing the token on the network you had it? If no, you need to contact Binance Support in this regard. Otherwise, please share the transaction ID and we will take a look at it.
NEVER share your Secret Recovery Phrase and the Private Key with anyone.


How do i know the transaction id MetaMask app doent have wide range of settings

In your MetaMask wallet, under the activity, you can find the recent transactions. Click on the relevant activity and then Copy Transaction ID as shown below.


Hello @oozwal02, welcome to MetaMask community!

Here is how you can find the transaction ID Maryam1 asked about.


Yes, @Chinzilla and @Maryam1 tell the truth.
We really need transactionID to better understand the problem

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