I transfer my slp from binance to metamask, but it didn't show in my wallet

So i did a transcation from binance to bsc network metamask yesterday. The process status in binance say it is complete, but i still not receive any slp from binance. I already use binance main network and add slp token to my wallet( I use this slp address 0xCC8Fa225D80b9c7D42F96e9570156c65D6cAAa25). Anyone know how to solve this?.


Hey @toneza35800, welcome to the MetaMask community! :fox_face:

It’s likely that you imported the wrong SLP address for SLP on BSC. Try this one:


Oh my god! thank you so much for your help! Thought I still confuse why I use the wrong one, I copy address from coinmarketcap, which should be the reliable website, but it seem i have to double check next time. Thanks for your help!!!

Glad it worked! :slight_smile:

https://coinmarketcap.com/ is definitely a good source, but you just have to make sure you’re getting the right address for the right network.

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