I want My GAS fees back

how do i get my gas fees back on failed transactions from ZED.RUN ??

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Great question!

The gas fee is determined and taken by the network, not MetaMask. It is used to pay the miners for the computations they conduct to complete your transaction. The fee fluctuates based on demand for transactions to be completed.

Even if a transaction does not successfully complete, the gas fee is still taken, because some amount of computation was done, even in rejecting the transaction.

This is wrong !

This is not viable because as an eco system you are entrusted in millions of transactions which on one are verified and on the other side are rejected and then the end user incurres a fee…

That’s rediculous

No one takes resonsabiliyy for the promised failed transaction,

This is a like a pyramid scheme ready to implode



I agree. It is frustrating that the fee is still taken for a failed transaction, but that is how the system is designed. You can read more about gas fees and how they work here.