If i don't convert Shiba to ETH before sending, what happens? I lost money, where is it?

Your topics are subjective and only represent you in a positive way. Where are the flaws you need to fix?
This is a gold rush! Where the F is the money I have trusted in your company?
What happens to crypto if it is not converted to ETH (or other crypto) before it is sent to a MetaMask account? Why is there not a “Transaction Denied” message? Coin Spot washes it hands of the transaction and Meta Mask also denies any responsibility!
ALERT TO NEW COMERS, FOMO IS REAL. Chill and do your research. This is new world money, computer skilled people are taking real money. Be aware of what is really happening. I am a day worker, I do not have the time to monitor every movement, every minute. Please take some time, I am down 5K and I am reading about people loosing a lot more! Please slow down and wait for the playing field to level out! B